Fight Scores 2.1 Now available in the App Store, Spanish Support and more.

15th November, 2016

Fight Scores 2.1 has been released and there's a lot going on. Behind the scenes the app has been updated to Swift 3.0.1, a necessary update but not always a barrel of laughs.

The standout feature in 2.1 is that Fight Scores now supports Spanish users. In recent weeks I've had every bit of text translated to Spanish. I'm excited to be able offer Fight Scores to a whole new audience. If you do find anything mistranslated feel free to reach out.

The registration experience has also been overhauled. Previously the user had to register then immediately sign in. With the new changes, the registration process also automatically signs the user in. This minimizes the amount of typing and effort required to get started.

In addition to these updates there have also been numerous bug fixes and general work on improving stability. In the coming weeks I hope have some more big changes announcements.

If you have feature requests, or would like Fight Scores to support another language, please email me at If you've been enjoying using Fight Scores please consider leaving a review in the App Store.

Fight Scores is available for free in the App Store here.


Thoughts? Opinions? Find me on twitter at @fightscoresapp .